Let yourself go and you’ll be more than you ever thought of being.
— Janis Joplin

From a young age, I’ve been singing, writing, and spilling out ideas to the world. Whether it was filling an entire sketchpad in one evening with a ‘fashion show’, or writing short stories, I’ve been the type to try and pour my creativity into action. Creating. I love to see what’s in my mind’s eye out in the world. My father taught me to sing at a very young age because he’s one himself, and I picked it up quickly. I found any excuse I could to sing for people, and I realized that it not only felt AMAZING to use my voice, but that other people enjoyed it too.

At the ripe age of 12, my two younger cousins and my brother and I wrote our first song. Poetry been flowing out of my fingertips for several years at that point, so putting it to music was only natural. My brother Jason was the real muse back then; he played guitar and just had a knack for melodies. He was a composer in the truest sense. Is. Still is.


And more.


Photographs by Nicol Biesek and Kristi Neilson