Let yourself go and you’ll be more than you ever thought of being.
— Janis Joplin

A R I A N A T I B I 

“Raise your voice”

Inspired by nature and her familial roots, Ariana’s music is composed of personal stories and explorations of the mind. Her lyrics study hope, freedom, and the pressures we face as human beings to be our fiercest selves. Whether she is growling out the blues at Trump or seducing us with complicated love songs, Ariana’s music is nostalgic of an acoustic rawness that brings us back to the storytellers of the 60s.

“Soul it will be rusty til you sleep,

Skin will be dry until you finally weep”

Warm low tones, catchy melodies, and big anthemic chants characterize Ariana’s songs. “Most of my songs actually start as a cappella or with a bass line. Ideas usually come when I’m out walking somewhere; anyone who knows me knows that I always have baby songs roaming around in my head.” Singing is her first love but songwriting is her craft; every lyric has a purpose and every melody is an instinctual release. Over the years, Ariana experienced the loss of several close friends at the hands of drugs or alcohol; one of them was a former band member and mentor. In light of these tragedies, she’s only held tighter to music as a way of connecting to all people. Whether they are here or not, Ariana’s friends and family are her light. All of them, she says, penetrate her music on a high level. The upset from losing intertwined with the fulfillment of new love make Ariana’s music truly memorable. 

L U C I 

In 2015, on a chilly LA night, Ariana met Mckail Seely, who later introduced her to Ashley Marietta: the three of them quickly found out they were each others’ counterparts. Ashley (soprano), Mckail (mezzo), and Ariana (alto) immediately formed their soulful folk trio, Luci, and have been singing and performing together for four years. Three part harmonies define all of their original material, and twangy blues meet a modern twist when they play. They’ve opened for the likes of Pat Benetar, Raelee Nikol, Justin Moore, and more! In 2016 they were recognized by a publishing company in Nashville who is putting out their debut record this year: “Caution to the Wind.” The single, “White Horse” releases this spring.



Photographs by Nicol Biesek and Kristi Neilson