Here lies...

My poetry.

My thoughts.

My experiences.

My stories.

The road: I’ve been writing since I was very young. I daydreamed up stories about adventures with my cousins and gooey slime walls that lead to other worlds. I wrote about being a teenager before I was one, and I journaled about the things I learned in school. I remember writing poetry at the age of 9 or 10, (courtesy of the rhymes my mother used to read us evolving into an everlasting rhythm of words bouncing around in my head), which eventually evolved into songwriting.

I still write poems and stories about the adventures I’ve had or would like to have. And because I can’t contain all of these things inside of me, (and my google drive seems lonely) I’ve decided to share a few things here. I’ve only ever shared my writing in an academic fashion or with another crazy creative over a cup of coffee (you know who you are), so, here’s to taking leaps.

I can’t promise it’ll be good, consistent, or even relevant but I can promise it’ll mean something to me and I will be brave about doing so.

“There is life in movement, death in stagnation. I approach every painting with the idea that I want that painting to continuously move.” Tim Yanke

Thanks for reading.


ariana tibi